Saturday, 3 July 2010

Idle Bradford Aerial View Of Jowetts Cars Early 1950s

This is a aerial photo of Jowetts Cars in Idle Bradford taken around 1950. Jowett Cars closed in 1953 and International Harvester took over the building until the early 1980s, then in 1987 Morrisons opened a brand new store on the site, the store is still there to this day.

The fields at the back of the Jowett Car Company is now the Thorpe Edge estate, which was built during the 1950s.

The road to the right hand side of the photo is Norman Lane, you can see the regal building then next to that is the original Catholich Church St Fransis, this chruch was extended in the early 1970s, if you go a bit further on you can see the large Doctors house, this was pulled down sometime in the 1950s.

If you look behind the fields you can see the newly built Greengates Estate, this was nuilt in 1948. If you look to the bottom of the photo you can see the row of shops at Five Lane Ends, these shops are still here to this day.

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