Saturday, 19 June 2010

Charley public information films 1970's

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The Charley public information films were made during the 1970's. They were shown at a time that children would be watching (Saturday morning's), these films were about a little boy and his cat called Charley who would keep a lookout for the little boy and warn him of potential danger's. these advert's were usually short and to the point. A total of 6 short films were made, here is a list of them.

Falling in the Water – Charley takes a big jump over a puddle and nearly drowns in the river when he leaps in by mistake. The scary music as Charley floats along underwater was a bit dramatic, but luckily he is caught on a fishermans line and reeled to safety.

In The Kitchen – About being careful near cookers because they’re might be hot things a-cooking that you could burn yourself on.

Matches – Charley says that if ever you see a box of matches lying around, tell mummy because they can hurt you.

Mummy Should Know – Some of Dominic’s friends call and ask if he wants to go on a picnic. Charley makes him tell his Mum, but she’s talking to the milkman and takes so long that they go without him. It’s alright though, because Mum takes them for a picnic instead because they were good.

Charley’s Tea Party – Oh dear! Charley ends up get scalded and covered in bandages when he plays to close to a hot teapot.

Strangers – My favourite! A strange man asks if Dominic would like to see some puppies (I don’t trust him). Charley warns him not to go and the man goes away, but on telling Mum they are rewarded. This one is funny purely for the way the strange man walks.

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  1. very well made they were, I remember them being shown just before childrens programmes at 12 midday about 1973/4.