Sunday, 6 June 2010

Debenhams Manningham Lane Bradford 1970's

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This photo is of Debenhams on Manningham Lane in Bradford. Debenhams was originally called Busbys which was a very popular department store in Bradford. Founded in 1908, Busbys moved to stunning new premises in Manningham Lane in 1930, they stayed there until 1978 which by that time had changed it's name to Debenhams, from 1978 to August 1979 the building stood empty, when there was a hugh fire destroying the now empty building.

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  1. Debenhams actually bought Busbys out in 1958, but they retained the Busby name until 1973, when all traces of the name were removed, the cafeteria made smaller etc and it then became Debenhams proper until the demise of the store in 1978, but 5 years earlier many Bradfordians felt that the end had arrived then.