Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Hanson School in the 1970's

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This is a photo of Hanson school taken in the 1970's. By the 1970's most of the secondary schools in Bradford were either in new buildings or fairly new buildings or having replacement schools built. Modern designs like at Hanson school in the photo had much more open spaces, and were much more pleasant, than the conditions of the much older schools. Hanson boy's and girl's school merged together when the new school buiding was opened in March of 1972, by an ex pupil of the school Vic Feather.

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  1. I remember this picture because it was taken at thinking 1972 for a publication about changing Bradford. I am on the picture on the right hand side with the bag over my shoulder and the long hair. I recognise some of the people in the photograph. It was the first year that the boys had merged with the girls and moved over from the old school down Barkerend Road. I would be very interested to know where it was found? alan@endeavourcottage.co.uk