Thursday, 13 May 2010

Initial Teaching Alphabet (I.T.A.)

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Initial Teaching Alphabet (I.T.A.) was introduced into certain schools in 1961.
There are 44 characters in the Initial Teaching Alphabet...

It uses the 26 letters of the Roman alphabet and another 14 characters to represent sounds such as "oo" and "th". Sentences written in ITA are all in lower case. By the time the child reached 7 years the proper alphabet was used.

Here are some of the books uded in the Initial Teaching Alphabet (I.T.A.)
  • paul

  • sally

  • hulloe and good-bie

  • up the tree

  • cum heer jet

  • paul's bird taebl

  • zip and his car

  • the nue hors

  • get up zip

  • goeing too scool


  1. Hi, I was brought here by Google. I've just created a facebook page at - if anybody would like to see some examples of ITA children's books and other such memorabilia I'm trying to build a collection over time. Even better if any person who experienced it in the sixties or seventies would like to leave a comment or other interaction.

  2. Hello Paul, I learned to read using ITA around 1977, with the Paul, Sally books shown above. After that, I read Gutsy The Greedy Bird and Down to Earth, before moving onto TO. I found it quite easy but plenty of kids never got the hang of it.