Sunday, 30 May 2010

Swain House Middle School Staff and Headmistress 1977/78

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This photo is taken in either 1977 or 1978 of the staff and Headmistress of Swain House Middle School. Headmistress at the time was Miss Greenwood ( front row 4th from left sat in the middle), she joined Swain House in 1968 and remained there for 17 years until her retirement in 1985. Miss Greenwood sadly died in 2003.


  1. And here are the names of those teachers,top to bottom; l - r r;Mr.T.W.Mitchell,Mr.M.J.Weatherhead,Mr.J.F.Dening,Mr.M.Mitchell,unknown,unknown,Mrs.R.Markham, unknown,Mrs.M.Collingwood,unknown,Mrs.Kowalczyk,Mrs.D.Sharman,Mrs.H.Metcalfe,unknown,Mrs,K.Kitchen,unknown,Miss M.F.Wilkinson,Miss P.M.Boyes,Mrs.S.A.Baxter,Mr.F.D.Robinson,Miss M.Greenwood,(Headmistress)Mrs.J.E.Ambler(Senior Mistress)Mr.G.A.Ensor,Mrs.Tudball (Middle School Secretary)

  2. Sadly, Mrs Tudball also died in 2003, and both Mrs.S.A.Baxter and Mrs.Kowalczyk are no longer with us,having passed away in 1982 and 1979 respectively,the former through a long illness and the latter in a car accident.

  3. What a wonderful blog! Fantastic images from Bradford West Yorkshire (my home town)
    ThankU for the memories.